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David Issroff


David Issroff is a man of many talents! He’s not just a seasoned investor across various asset classes, but also an intellectually curious and funny person who loves to explore the world around him. He was born in South Africa, matured in the United Kingdom and lived in Switzerland for many years prior to moving to New York with his family. He is a global citizen and has a unique perspective on life. When he’s not working, David likes to run slowly and hike as much as possible in his spare time. He’s also a promising amateur photographer who loves to contextualize through his particular lens and a keen word puzzle enthusiast. David is an  avid reader across many topics, which helps him stay informed but he struggles to comprehend the current environment and is spending inordinate time trying to figure out the road forward.

David is also a part-time philanthropist who established the Issroff Family Foundation with his wife Lisa. The Foundation is dedicated to empowering children and youth in Southern and Eastern Africa and New York City. David derives energy from mentoring younger people and building them and their businesses with the benefit of his experience. He has a background as a global commodity trader which has helped him gain valuable insights and exposure to the financial world. David has also helped build substantial companies one of which is primarily invested in multi-family real estate, showcasing his diverse expertise. David has served on the boards of various for profit, public and private companies and several non-profit organizations, including Echoing Green and the US Advisory Council of the African Leadership Academy. His strategic insights and financial acumen benefit both private portfolio investment companies and these impactful not-for-profit initiatives. David’s warm and compassionate personality is evident in his commitment to philanthropy and his dedication to uplifting communities and making a meaningful difference in the world.

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Gabriele Blecher

Associate Director

Lisa Issroff

Co-Founder | Executive Director

Mackenzie Finley

Executive Assistant

Mwende Muya

CLI Program Manager