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The Recreation Project prepares young people in Northern Uganda to thrive through outdoor adventure and transformative play.

Hannah McCandless

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Hannah is a firm believer in the power of people. She has seven years of experience leading teams in East Africa, having lived and worked in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. She began her career working with grassroots leaders in Arusha, Tanzania to develop tools to reach and empower champions for children's rights. Hannah then spent 3 years working with Village Enterprise in various locations across rural Uganda and Kenya. During her time at Village Enterprise, Hannah primarily worked to integrate Human-Centered Design into the fabric of the organization to foster user-centered innovation. In 2019, Hannah left Village Enterprise for an opportunity to lead The Recreation Project, a small organization using outdoor adventure and play to combat a global health crisis caused by childhood adversity. While Managing Director of The Recreation Project, Hannah helped the organization emerge from the founder's phase, working closely with a team of young people to establish the mission, systems, and model needed to prepare young people in Northern Uganda to thrive. Hannah has a Bachelor of Arts in International Development from Ohio State University.

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