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Resilience Action International

Areas of Focus

Economic Empowerment
Health and Wellness
Youth Empowerment

Resilience Action International is refugee-led NGO located in Kakuma, Kenya, empower displaced youth to achieve greater potential by increasing opportunities for education, productive livelihoods, and access to reproductive health services.

Wyclife Barasa

Managing Director

Cohort Year


Wyclife Barasa is the Managing Director of Resilience Action International, a grassroots organization empowering refugees and young women in the Kakuma refugee camp. With 7 years of experience in working with displaced youth, he combines his expertise in driving impactful change and fostering social-economic empowerment with a focus on reproductive health and livelihoods. Wyclife is dedicated to creating sustainable opportunities, promoting resilience, and integrating marginalized communities, addressing critical reproductive health needs while providing pathways to livelihoods and economic independence.

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