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Pwani Youth Network

Areas of Focus

Economic Empowerment
Health and Wellness

The Pwani Youth Network (PYN) offers educational programming in order to help “Kenyan youth progress and prosper”. Its mission is “Inspiring the dream of Kenyan youth through all positive change ".

Alfred Sigo

Founder & CEO

Cohort Year


Alfred Sigo Odhiambo is a young Mandela Washington Fellow, global speaker and also the Founder and CEO of Pwani Youth Network. His work entails championing better health, Livelihood ,Climate change and education among Children, adolescents, Youth and women in Mombasa, Kilifi, and Kwale, Kenya, as well as advancing policies that will improve the health and socioeconomic status of young people. Alfred is also a member of the Kenya Red Cross, the Global Opportunity Youth Network, Amnesty Kenya, and the United Nations Changemaker Agenda. He has created youth empowerment spaces with an art studio, a youth podcast, and an open space for information and communication technology, as well as a youth-friendly center offering health services to 50,000 young people annually.

Cohort Year

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