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Patinaai Osim

Areas of Focus

Gender Equality
Poverty Eradication
Youth Empowerment

Patinaai Osim is a nonprofit organization centered on the Masaai community of Kenya that advocates for the rights of indigenous girls, women and youth by supporting their education on different levels and aspects throughout their lives.

Semerian Sankori

Founder & Executive Director

Cohort Year


As the Founder and Executive Director of Patinaai Osim, Semerian spearheads transformative initiatives within the Maasai community, driven by a deep commitment to education and community empowerment. With roots deeply embedded in the Maasai heritage, Semerian has devoted 13years to fostering sustainable development. Her visionary leadership has propelled the organization to champion initiatives ranging from Education, SRHR, Sustainable Livelihoods and Environmental Sustainability that address the unique challenges faced by her community. A native Maasai, Semerian leverages her cultural insight to bridge traditional practices with modern solutions, creating a harmonious blend that uplifts the community. Holding degrees in Tourism Management & Marketing and a Masters in Community Development Practice and Social policy, Semerian combines academic knowledge with a profound understanding of Maasai values to lead Patinaai in crafting holistic solutions. She is not only an advocate for the Maasai but also a catalyst for positive change, exemplifying the intersection of tradition and progress

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