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Economic Empowerment
Gender Equality
Poverty Eradication
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Youth Empowerment

Mtindo is focused on creating economic opportunities for vulnerable women in Northern Uganda by building up the apparel sector. We achieve this by providing education through our academy and employment in our tailoring factory where we partner with local businesses to meet their apparel manufacturing needs.

Susan Namirimu

CEO and Co-founder

Cohort Year


Susan Namirimu is a social entrepreneur from Uganda who is committed to creating social impact in her community. She has spent the past 10 years working with young women in her apparel factory in Northern Uganda. This experience deepend her conviction that the apparel industry could provide decent and dignified jobs for women. In 2020, Susan co-founded Mtindo, a women-led social enterprise aimed at unlocking employment opportunities and successful life pathways for women in the region through holistic training, empowerment and employment. Susan’s success has proven that when women are employed, they are empowered, and they empower their families and their community. Susan’s vision is to empower women and transform Northern Uganda.

Cohort Year

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