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Kyusa is an Entrepreneur Support Organisation (ESO) that provides business training, coaching and incubation for micro and small businesses in low-income communities in order to support the creation, improve the survival rate, and accelerate the growth of micro and small enterprises (MSE). Kyusa provides business support services that enable entrepreneurs to develop personal skills, business competencies, support networks, and access to market opportunities.

Noeline Kirabo

Executive Director

Cohort Year


A family therapist by training and a social entrepreneur by passion, Noeline’s life mission is to empower women and youth to live to their full potential by identifying their life purpose and turning their passions into skills for fruitful living. She is a Published Author, International Speaker, Mentor, Life Coach, Certified Trainer a and Motivational Speaker. She has over fifteen years’ work experience in the nonprofit sector mainly working with children, youth, women and community initiatives. Noeline also has eight years of active practice as a counseling psychologist and six years’ experience as a personal and business development consultant.She is the Founder and Executive Director of Kyusa. A For-Impact organization that is committed to improving the quality of life for youth at the margins of society through entrepreneurship development.Noeline is also the Co-Founder of Newen Consults, a personal and business development consulting firm. She has had the privilege of consulting for some outstanding companies.

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