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Jangu International

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Youth Empowerment

Jangu International tackles the failing education system and the unemployment of vulnerable groups by providing a self-organized and “freesponsible” community approach in Mpigi that offers pathways, tools, and skills for youth to become change-makers and create social enterprises, thereby creating employment and solving community challenges.

Tonny Micheal Wamboga


Cohort Year


Tonny Micheal Wamboga is a social entrepreneur and a scholar of regenerative systems of management, passionate about using business to solve the world’s most pressing problems, turning challenges into opportunities. This gives Tonny purpose. Tonny and his team at Jangu International are transforming disadvantaged youth into changemakers through a self-organized community approach that provides pathways, tools, and the mindset to turn social challenges into opportunities. The organization allows youth who would have otherwise had no chance, such as school dropouts and unemployed graduates, to unleash their potential and create positive change in the form of social enterprises that positively impact society and the environment—the role of disadvantaged youth changes to being active drivers of evolution instead of passive receivers of aid.

Cohort Year

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