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Imagine Her (IH)

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Economic Empowerment
Food Security
Youth Empowerment

Imagine Her works with communities in Uganda to accelerate the power and potential of women, girls, and youth as active leaders and social entrepreneurs creating sustainable solutions within their communities.

Nathan Okiror

Founder & Team Leader

Cohort Year


Born and raised by a single mother, an experience from which he draws passion for the work he does today. Nathan Okiror is the founder and team leader for Imagine Her, a non-profit working to provide young women, girls, and youth with a robust innovation skillset and essential resources to create sustainable social ventures and achieve economic independence in Uganda. He has been recognized as a community-change influencer through the Swedish TV program Lärlabbet. He has also been featured on Shoutout Socal Los Angeles, Canvasrebel, and Uganda Radio Network. Nathan is also a co-founder of Pangea Publishing, a social enterprise that focuses on producing and developing learning resources that are culturally and linguistically relevant to the young language learners of Uganda. Nathan holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and Community Development from Kyambogo University, where he focused on Social Work and its role in transforming communities, and a postgraduate diploma in Social Work and Design Thinking from Alison Institute. He is YALI East Africa Regional Center Alumnus, Robert Bosch Alumnus, Ashoka Xchangemaker Fellow, and Perennial Fellow. He is a 2023 graduate of the Collective Learning Initiative by the Issroff Family Foundation and the Gratitude Network Fellow 2023. He was nominated as MHM Champion 2021 in Uganda.As a person, he is strongly guided by the principle that true community empowerment is centered on the individual experiencing the problem as the alternate principal designer of the solution. Under Nathan’s leadership, Imagine Her has grown to 30 staff, reaching over 5000+ young women, girls, and youth intensively and broadly across its programming and several districts in Uganda.

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