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Girls to Lead Africa (GTLA)

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Gender Equality

Girls to Lead Africa is a leadership incubator whose goal is to increase the number of girl leaders in students’ councils. GTLA believes that nurturing leaders who understand the challenges facing communities and have the skills necessary to engage in policy discussions and political process will help achieve gender equality.

Kansiime Honest Fortunate

Founder & Executive Director

Cohort Year


Since her childhood, Kansiime has questioned why women should be held back when it comes to leadership. She began testing structures of power in school and has made it her life quest to ensure that girls and women have the opportunity to access equal opportunities. Kansiime has run for political office and has supported female leaders in Uganda to reach positions of power. She believes that young women are vastly underrepresented in policy-making positions at all levels, leading to policies which perpetuate gender inequities and make it difficult for young women to contribute to the development of their communities. This belief is what led her to found Girls to Lead Africa, a girl’s leadership incubator. She is a speaker and published author, an Echoing Green Finalist, a Pollination Project Fellow/East Africa Hub Grant Adviser, Community Solutions Program Fellow, a YALI Fellow, and one of the founding Board Members of AMPLIFY. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and logistics Management from Kyambogo University, Kampala and is currently pursuing a Master of Nonprofit Administration at University of Notre Dame Du Lac, Indiana. Kansiime is a mother of 2 who enjoys taking nature walks during her free time.

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