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Girls First Initiative

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Economic Empowerment
Health and Wellness
Gender Equality

Girls First Initiative is an NGO in Tanzania that champions girls by defending their right to health, education, and economic growth which are the root causes that increase the girl’s vulnerability to sexual harassment.

Bahati Mgogwe

Founder & Executive Director

Cohort Year


Bahati is the founder and executive director of Girls First Initiative (GFI), an organization dedicated to advancing gender equality (SDG #4 & 5) in terms of economic benefits. GFI aims to provide girls with access to opportunities, resources, and skills necessary for their competence and competitiveness in the job market, as well as for the establishment of their own businesses.The (GFI) is dedicated to advancing gender equality, combating gender-based discrimination, and fostering increased understanding and recognition of gender-related concerns. With a cumulative duration of six years, the Bahati has engaged in both professional and voluntary endeavors aimed at advancing social inclusion and fostering gender participation in the realms of entrepreneurship and leadership.

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