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Gender Equality
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Girls Tech Ventures sprouted from the passion of empowering underprivileged young girls to bridge the gender digital divide for innovations, education, and health through STEM training and digital creativities and application to businesses and lives.

Dativah Mukamusonera Bideri

Founder & CEO

Cohort Year


Dativah Bideri Mukamusonera, the Founder and Executive Director of Girls Tech Ventures, is a visionary advocate dedicated to empowering girls, women, and their families in Rwanda. Her career is marked by a steadfast commitment to breaking down barriers and fostering diversity. Dativah is Passionate about creating opportunities for success in tech sector and championing the well-being of young women in rural Rwanda. Her leadership is characterized by a holistic approach to empowerment, making a profound impact on communities through Girls Tech Ventures. With a fervent desire to develop professionally as a leader, Dativah expresses her aspiration to contribute to her community's growth and transformation through the CLI Fellowship.

Cohort Year

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