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Freely in Hope equips survivors and advocates in Kenya and Zambia to lead in ending sexual abuse.

Trizah Gakwa

Strategic Growth Director

Cohort Year


Trizah’s passion for working with girls to co-create a safer, more equitable world was sparked by the birth of her daughter, which made her acutely aware of the inequalities that she had and was still fighting and that her daughter would now be fighting. As the Strategic Growth Director at Freely in Hope, she focuses on building a healthy and dynamic team of survivor leaders who design and lead solutions to end sexual violence in their communities. She leverages strategic partnerships and develops systems and structures that support programs that empower girls to achieve their highest academic and leadership potential and become change agents that influence worldwide systemic change. She has over 10 years of experience supporting the growth and sustainability of different organizations. She has bachelor's degree in Commerce and is pursuing a Master's in Organizational Leadership.

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