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Faces Up Uganda empowers young people 8-25 years from vulnerable backgrounds to break cycles of negative life outcome. Through its transformative arts education program, Faces Up addresses the most urgent psychosocial needs of young people, both in and out of schools. In turn, it delivers improved prospects, a happy and stable life for thousands of young people in local communities across Uganda.

Emmanuel Ssekitto Kalule

Founder & CEO

Cohort Year


Ssekitto is the CEO and Founder of Faces Up Uganda, an impactful organization located in Kampala. Their mission is to rehabilitate and empower marginalized children and young people through the use of creative arts education. Ssekitto's educational background includes a bachelor's degree in industrial and fine art from Makerere University.In 2023, he graduated from Collaborative Learning Initiative, in 2022, Ssekitto proudly graduated as a Global Talent from the UNLEASH Innovation Global Talent program in India. His participation continued and he was selected as a talent for the UNLEASH Plus program. These achievements reflect his commitment to innovation and his dedication to making a positive impact on society. In 2023, his organization was selected as one of the most scalable and impactful 100 organizations in the World by HundrED. This acknowledgment serves as a testament to his talent and the significance of his work.Through his leadership at Faces Up Uganda and his involvement in international programs, Ssekitto continuesto drive positive change and provide opportunities for children and young people in Uganda.

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