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ChezaCheza is a Kenyan not-for-profit founded in 2018 on a mission to create access to safe spaces for children in marginalized communities. Through our therapeutic dance sessions, children experience the joy of dancing while flourishing into young adults with strong minds who show up in life with self-esteem and high self-awareness and approach life’s challenges with responsible actions.

Franco Odhiambo


Cohort Year


Franco Odhiambo is an award-winning youth leader, mentor, life coach, and a talented dance educator, born and raised in Kibera, one of the largest slums in Kenya. Growing up he did not know how to handle his environment and navigate life here. All he wanted was a safe space that gave him the right tools to handle his challenges. Luckily, he found his voice in DANCE and started to give children in his community what he lacked growing up – a safe space to express yourself and guidance from a mentor, a chance to dream again and reach your full potential. Because of this, he founded the ChezaCheza Foundation, a non-profit that uses the power of dance in a therapeutic framework to build the strong minds of children and youths living in marginalized communities and schools. With a mission to create access to safe spaces for children and youths in vulnerable communities and schools where dance supports their mental health and well-being teaching them social-emotional skills and life skills to allow children and youths from marginalized communities to realize their full potential.

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