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Amuno Rural Hub

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Economic Empowerment

Amuno Rural Hub creates sustainable, holistic solutions in rural Uganda that provide children, youth, and women with the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Anthony Okiria

Founder & Team Lead

Cohort Year


Anthony Okiria spearheads Amuno Rural Hub in rural eastern Uganda, a non-profit focused on uplifting rural children and families. It implements a 360 3-year direct support system and facilitates unrestricted resource access through community centers. Their initiatives encompass after-school programs covering literacy, numeracy, life skills, and personal development. Additionally, they provide crucial support such as nutritious meals, healthcare, school fees, and scholastic materials for children. Families benefit from aid in the form of household basic needs. The Community Savers' Circle empowers parents by imparting practical skills and establishing Village Savings and Loan Associations.Anthony's upbringing, marked by the loss of both parents at an early age, exposed him to the profound impact of community support. His personal experiences fuel his aspiration to be a nurturing figure for others, sparking the establishment of Amuno Rural Hub. Amuno strives to rewrite the future stories of rural children and families into inspiring tales.

Cohort Year

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